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JLU Piles offers exceptional services for various construction projects, specializing in limited access projects to ensure strong foundations that last for year

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Auger Cast Piles

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Strong and
Cost-Efficient Piling!

JLU Piles has been driving piles in the South Florida area for almost two decades. Our years of experience in the construction industry have allowed us to become experts in building strong foundations for homes and various other construction projects. Our pile driving experience is supplemented by our vast technical knowledge and unique insights into the best industry practices. These have allowed us to become one of the best companies providing quality piles installation and foundation repairs in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Keys, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and West Palm Beach. Our efficient and capable pile drivers specialize in the installation of auger, helical, and pin piles for home and pool foundations. We have specialized equipment and experience that allows us to provide custom services for limited access projects with low overhead or confined spaces. Each of our projects is completed meticulously from start to finish with attention to detail and quality equipment, materials, and service! JLU Piles also owns a full complement of rigs and equipment necessary for pile driving, foundation repair, and general contracting services for homes in South Florida.

Why Choose
Auger Cast Piles?

The unique process of drilling the hole for auger cast piles in one continuous process is faster and more cost-efficient than drilling a shaft excavation. Auger cast piles also limit the noise and vibration that can affect surrounding structures and don’t generate soil spoils that might require collection and disposal, especially if the soil extracted is contaminated. Auger cast piles size and length can also be modified based on the project requirement. This helps engineers control material wastage. Auger cast piles can be adjusted easily during the forming process by replacing the guide and flighting devices while using the same pile rig. Auger cast piles are also very cost-efficient compared to other technologies of deep foundation, especially for large foundation projects. The reliability and custom sizing give Auger cast piles more value for investment. Auger cast piles are perfect for projects with limited headroom conditions and can be directly installed in buildings with a low height of 7 feet from the ground level. They can also be used in environmentally-sensitive sites and those with poor subsoils.

JLU Auger
Cast Piles

At JLU Piles, our team has extensive experience installing Auger cast piles. We use the crawler type rig to install Auger cast piles. The equipment ensures effective, efficient, and highly-accurate installation of piles. It also gives us better control to achieve exact vertical alignment and placement, which guarantees the best result in deep foundation and a superior finished project!