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JLU Piles offers exceptional services for various construction projects, specializing in limited access projects to ensure strong foundations that last for year

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Strength and
Stability for Your Home!

Your home’s foundation is essential to ensure the stability and strength of the structure above and allows you to create a comfortable and secure place for your family to live. However, over time, the foundation can degrade or get damaged due to various external factors that can impact the safety and aesthetics of your home. Foundation underpinning is the perfect solution to repair insufficient or failing foundations of residential properties and other existing structures. Underpinning is helpful in situations where significant foundation settling or damage has occurred to the original foundation and it isn’t stable or strong enough to support the structure above it. Underpinning can also help repair foundation damage caused by changing the usage of the structure or where the properties of the soil that supports the foundation have changed due to subsidence or other environmental or natural reasons or were simply mischaracterized during planning. The process of underpinning involves excavating sections of the foundation in a predetermined sequence to limit the disturbance to surrounding structures. Once a section is excavated, concrete is poured into it to widen and deepen the foundation. The process is begins from the corners of the home or structure and goes inward until the entire affected foundation has been reinforced with concrete.

JLU Underpinning

At JLU Piling, we have extensive construction expertise and engineering knowledge required to complete a foundation underpinning process effectively and efficiently. Our process is quite economical and is a reliable and cost-effective solution for foundation repairs instead of building a new foundation.
We also use screw piles and brackets methods for underpinning in cases where there is limited access, or the project requires a much deeper foundation that makes the mass pour foundation underpinning method impractical.
Our qualified engineers and construction crew is equipped with the best machinery and are highly trained to solve your foundation problems in South Florida.