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Helical Piles

Explore the Features

Inexpensive Alternate
for Driven Piles!

Helical piles have numerous applications across both residential and commercial construction and foundation projects. They are an excellent alternative for driven foundation piles that use drilling equipment. Helical piles can be installed relatively quickly and cost less than most other foundation piles. The piles can be used for foundations of various home additions, swimming pools, concrete decks, privacy walls, commercial projects, generator pads, retaining walls, underpinning an existing foundation, and reinforcing foundations when building additional structures on top of existing foundations. Helical piles can be installed with portable equipment which makes them extremely useful for limited access projects. They can achieve capacities of up to 19 tons and are usually installed with special brackets to repair and support settling or damaged foundations. Helical piles are also known as helical anchors or screw piles. As the name suggests, Helical piles are welded in a spiral or helical shape around the central shaft. The helix can run down the entire length of the shaft or only cover the tip. The material, size, thickness, configuration, and other design factors of Helical piles depends on the unique requirements of each construction project. Most piles are usually pounded or drilled into the ground using drilling equipment or pile drivers. Helical piles can rotate and can bore into the ground, much like a regular screw that bores into walls. The installation requires special rotary attachments or high torque drivers at a slow speed. The torque driver is mounted on a mini-excavator or a skid steer loader which allows them to be driven to the specified depth necessary to achieve desired strength and capacity. The depth is determined by monitoring the machine’s hydraulic pressure and installation torque.

Why Choose
Helical Piles?

There are plenty of advantages of using Helical foundations for various construction project foundations. These include:

  • Helical piles are faster and easier to install compared to standard concrete foundations and require no setting time or dig out time.
  • There is no need to remove or cart away soil spoils which saves both time and money on the project and prevents damage to the surrounding environment.
  • Helical piles do not require any additional time for drying or curing before the construction can start. The project can continue as soon as the foundation is installed.
  • Helical piles can be used in restricted areas with limited space and don’t require any special equipment or additional measures to ensure stability.
  • Helical piles are usually installed below 80db, which means there is less noise and no disturbance for the neighbors.
  • The Helical pile installation process generates minimal vibration which means the foundation can be installed without causing damage or disturbing the foundations of nearby structures and buildings.
  • Helical piles are also quite sustainable and reduce waste as they can be reused by removing them from the project once they have served their purpose.
  • The final benefit of Helical piles is that they can be installed in any kind of ground, including clay, soft ground, rocky soil, etc.

JLU Helical

At JLU Piles, we have three fully-equipped and trained crews with extensive experience installing Helical piles. We are a full-capacity company and own special rigs and equipment, which allows us to install Helical piles for any type and size of the project. Helical piles are a great way to make sure any structure will remain solid and secure for a long time. They’re also a great choice for projects where minimal environmental impact is required. We offer sustainable techniques and the latest technology to ensure the best results for any project that calls for Helical pile installation!